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What is Sunfire? 


The SunFire 150 is a portable, industrial grade radiant heater manufactured in the USA by Clean Burn. The radiant heat from the SunFire 150 will warm the objects and people in your work area to provide an efficient, portable heat source and keep your employees warm and productive.

What is Radiant Heat?


Radiant heat technology warms the objects within its vicinity instead of warming the air so that you and your tools stay warm. The SunFire Radiant Heater’s proprietary burner provides a clean, efficient burn while it provides maximum heat. Its rugged construction allows for a variety of applications whether you have an automotive repair shop, have an agricultural application, need heat at an outdoor event, or have extreme cold conditions at a construction site the SunFire Radiant Heater will keep you warm all day.

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SunFire Radiant Heater Testimony - Burns Clean All Day Long!

SunFire Radiant Heater Testimony - Burns Clean All Day Long!

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