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What is Efco? 


For the past 40 years, efco has been a global leader in the development and manufacture of professional-grade hand-held outdoor power equipment.

Company Overview


In the 1970s Efco developed its first chain saw. As the Italian company continued to grow, so did it's development of other commercial grade outdoor power equipment to meet the needs in the market. Today, Efco is the third largest manufacturer of 2-stroke gasoline outdoor power equipment in the world.

Besides providing high-quality products, Efco has a robust dealer network to service all repairs for Efco products from the past and present. We are so confident in the quality of our product, that we feature a 5 year "No Fear" consumer and 2 year commercial warranties for all Efco outdoor power equipment.   

  • I- Series Battery-Powered Equipment

  • H-Series Two-Cycle Trimmer & Brushcutter

  • H-Series Two-Cycle Chain Saws

  • Two-Cycle Grass Trimmers

  • Two-Cycle Split-Boom Trimmers & Tools

  • Two-Cycle Brushcutters

  • Two-Cycle Blowers

  • Two-Cycle Hedge Trimmers

  • Two-Cycle Earth Auger 

  • Two-Cycle Telescopic Pruner

  • Two-Cycle Arborist Chain Saws 

  • Two-Cycle Chain Saws

What We Offer
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Efco PTH 2500 Pruner

Efco PTH 2500 Pruner

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