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The key to providing the customer with a fully integrated product is the inclusion of business system integration. Dealers have waited years for a vendor to provide a single interface with which they can quickly and easily find the parts they need and order and track those parts without having to double enter the orders in their business system. The Medart DMS Portal integrates with these business system vendors:

  • C-Systems

  • ProQuest Powersport

  • ProQuest EDN

  • Snap-On-Dealer Xpress



Our goal is to be your preferred supplier for all your outdoor power needs. We strive to accomplish this by taking care of our customers, providing expert knowledge, tools, and resources. Our job is to make your job easier. 

  • Featuring a wide selection of the strongest brands in the industry

  • Customer Service Representatives that take pride in their knowledge of the industry 

  • Simple and fair freight and return policies

  • Flexibility. Call in or log in. Would you prefer paper or electronic documents?



Are you presently an Engine Dealer/OEM looking to open an account with Medart Engine? Click on the image below to be directed to our online Dealer/OEM application. 


We're a wholesale distributor representing more than 60 manufacturers in the Engine industry. From the latest in gas & diesel engines to mulcher blades and trailer parts, our deep selection of products can meet the needs of every customer.

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