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EZ Oil Drain Valve

The easiest oil change engine oil drain valve! Replaces your drain plug! 

- Easy Operation 

- Easy Installation 

- Save Time and Expenses

- No More Stripped Hands 

- No More Burned Hands 

- No Messy Oil Changes


Company Overview

Makes oil changes easier, faster and cleaner. No need for special tools simply replaces your stock drain plug. Fits all engine makes & models! Simply replaces your stock drain plug!

- For all cars & trucks
- Low clearance applications
- Drain oil directly into the receptacle



  • Safety Glasses

  • Safety Headwear & Chaps

What We Offer
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EZ Oil Drain Valve Installation

EZ Oil Drain Valve Installation

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Ez Oil Drain Videos

Use these videos to help with your day to day EZ Oil Drain questions, tips, needs, and much more!

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