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Fluid Film's Commitment


FLUID FILM products are solvent-free and consist of an all natural lanolin base, which contains less than 1% VOC in their bulk form.


Company Overview


From its first seagoing use in the 1940s, FLUID FILM® has been proved in some of the most severe conditions; Industrial, agricultural, raw-terrain construction – even on the space shuttle. Modified over time to adapt to environmental and application considerations, it’s non-toxic/non-hazardous. FLUID FILM® continues to serve as the most effective corrosion control for industry, farming, industrial and transportation.



  • Rust & Corrosion Prevention

What We Offer
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Fluid Film Overview

Fluid Film Overview

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Fluid Film Videos

Use these videos to help with your day to day Desert Extrusion questions, tips, needs, and much more!

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