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Established in 1990, Best Designs has represented the highest quality tire sealants manufactured in the United States. Best Designs represents the house brand of LiQuiTube along with many private labels for industry-leading equipment manufacturers. LiQuiTube is the top-selling premium tire sealant in the United States and is also a major export product sold in over 118 countries. Best Designs works with companies and individuals involved in heavy duty, commercial, transportation, and agricultural industries. LiQuiTube coats the inside of tires and wheels to keep air-filled tires properly inflated for the life of the tire which increases profits by:


  1. Extending Tire Life

  2. Increasing Fuel Economy of Vehicles

  3. Reducing Equipment Downtime From Flat Tires

  4. Eliminating Tire Repair Costs

  5. Reducing Lost Man Hours From Flat Tires

  6. Reducing Tire Casing Damage from Blow-Outs

  7. Extending the Retreadability of Tire Casings



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LiQuiTube Tire Balancer and Sealant 2min

LiQuiTube Tire Balancer and Sealant 2min

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