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Our 2018 Annual Medart Engine Sales Meeting


  • Everyone arrived safely... Check!

  • A Full week of amazing knowledge, laughter, food, motivation, etc... Check

  • Celebrated an amazing retirement party... Check

  • No one got injured... Check

  • Handed out some well-deserved awards... Check

  • Finished the week with a motivational video... Check

So as you can see, this week was a lot more than just coming together to talk about numbers and territories. When we at Medart host a sales meeting, we're hosting a Medart style family reunion.

Our annual sales meeting was a complete success! We took advantage of every second/minute/hour of the day! Whether it was talking about numbers, individual reports, market and industry news, new product information, new things happening at Medart, and of course listing to some of our top partnered vendors, we can definitely say that we took advantage of this week.

Mr. Medart himself giving a great speech about Ken Erickson and his time at Medart.

As many of you know, Mr. Ken Erickson retired from Medart back in December of 2017. When someone retires here, we like to go big! This was a very special moment in Medart history. We are very excited to see what Ken decided to do in his next chapter of life! My guess, we'll see him go on plenty of vacations/cruises!

Our 2017 Awards

End of the Week Sales Meeting Video

We ended this meeting with this video to inspire and motivate not only our sales reps but all of us at Medart. We hope that this video and our general sales meeting inspired you as well. We strive for greatness, and this week showed us that greatness is striving to be us.

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