Seat King Mission


Seat King's goal is to honor God through serving people, pursuing excellence, and stewarding resources.


Company Overview


Seat King is an OEM manufacturer of custom seating and upholstered solutions for many different industries. At Seat King, it is our first priority to create a seat for you that fully reflects the distinct qualities of your product. Our unique design process helps you design your perfect seat that boasts the look, feel, and performance found in every Seat King seat. As a leader in the OEM manufacturing industry, Seat King has set the bar with its unwavering commitment to innovation and exceptional customer service. 

Through our diverse and customizable products, our talented team goes above and beyond to deliver style, comfort, and performance to our partners.

What We Offer
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We're a wholesale distributor representing more than 60 manufacturers in the Engine industry. From the latest in gas & diesel engines to mulcher blades and trailer parts, our deep selection of products can meet the needs of every customer.

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124 Manufacturers Dr, Arnold, MO 63010
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