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Medart Engine employs six technical service professionals with a combined 92 years of industry experience. These technicians offer same day technical assistance to Dealers, OEM's, Professional Users and Consumers, with our "drop everything" commitment.

Medart Engine has three dedicated schoolrooms conveniently located complete with engine run rooms. We offer 50 Kohler update schools, 7 Kohler 4 day Tear-down schools, and several Kohler Specialty schools annually.



No upcoming Schools/Trainings

Why Kohler? Glad You Asked.

Kohler Makes YOU More Powerful.

Yes, Kohler makes reliable power products (like engines and generators), but anybody can say that. At Kohler, every engine they make is designed to help you achieve more than you imagined.

Your job, your earnings, your time — that’s what matters most. That’s why Kohler is maniacally obsessed with making great engines. They have to work — or you don’t. You’ll only get as far as your engine can take you. That’s why it has to be a KOHLER.

Kohler Maks YOU More Powerful
Tech Videos

TECH Videos

All Girls Garage: Jump-Starting - NOCO Genius® Boost GB40 UltraSafe® Lithium Jump Starter

How to install the NEW ZTR-TR

Trailer Mate Pro Installation Video

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