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The Star Tron proprietary blend of enzymes improves the combustibility of all fuel - including ethanol blends. This means more power and better fuel economy. Star Tron keeps working to clean your fuel delivery system - from the tank to injectors - so your engines start easy, and run strong



  • Makes engines start easily and run smoothly 

  • Works
    in ethanol fuel 

  • Rejuvenates old fuel 

  • Removes & Prevents gum, varnish, and carbon deposits



What We Offer
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Use these videos to help with your day to day Star Brite questions, tips, needs, and much more!

We're a wholesale distributor representing more than 60 manufacturers in the Engine industry. From the latest in gas & diesel engines to mulcher blades and trailer parts, our deep selection of products can meet the needs of every customer.

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124 Manufacturers Dr, Arnold, MO 63010
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